About Me

My Mission: Tell your story through the lens

Born: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Grew Up: Bakersfield, California
Current Residence: Chicago, Illinois
Profession: Photographer & Model for 10 years


I spent most of my years working several jobs that did not provide much fulfillment or avenues for personal growth. In the back of my mind, I knew one thing for certain, I love people and I love laughter! Eventually, I found myself testing the waters of modeling and finding that I had a sincere gift in the world of modeling and fashion. Determined to make money quickly, I abandoned that dream and started working jobs that brought me no satisfaction. Later in life, I soon realized that my love for being in front of the camera translated into my love for being behind the camera.


Being married to my beautiful wife Catina Ross for over 3 years, we are a blended family consisting of three girls and one boy, Aaryana, Aariah, Nia and Mason. This area of my life truly drives my passion for photography because I get no greater joy than seeing the people I love the most through my lens. This passion overflows into a strong desire to bring this excitement to other families and help them frame their most memorable and authentic moments.


I am simply blessed to have spiritual friends and family in my life who call me higher and keep me grounded. My love for God and his people is the training ground and motivation that makes me a better man and photographer. My goal is to travel the world and provide my perspective of life through the lens.