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Let us capture your world and create an ever lasting experience

There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.  Robert Frank

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Who Is Joseph Ross?

Making moments last forever

There are many layers within every photograph that is taken.  We say photographs are more than capturing what you look at but what you see.


Whether it is a kiss goodbye, warm embrace, or silent smile – you create your own moments, let us capture them.  Preserving your unique story is part of what drives us to be as passionate about our work as we are.


Lose yourself in the moment.  Build a second in time that is unforgettable, and let us craft that moment into a timeless piece of art for you to treasure.  We live outside of the lens – let us explore your personality, emotions, and passion.


What makes you unique?  We build off of your portrayal of an instant displaying all of the beauty and visually describe an event exposing all angles and shapes leaving no visible stone left unturned.

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